Small Cedar Garden Sheds for Minimal Storage

Have you ever thought of building or installing a small shed for storage? You may have thought about it, but you can’t find the right sizes and builders. Well, Productive Cedar Products is here to tell you that we can help you with this problem. We can offer our Small Cedar Garden Shed that is perfect for garden storage and is small enough no matter the size of your yard.

Small Cedar Garden Shed

Our small cedar garden shed is very durable and can take the beating of rough winters and other harsh seasons. It’s made with white cedar wood from the great state of Michigan. The four walls are made of ¾ inch boards, trimmed by 1 ¾ x ¾ trim panels nailed to a 2 by 2 balsam stud. It comes with a 15-pound black tar felt interior lining intended to keep your items and tools dry. It also improves the overall water resistance of the shed.

The Benefits of a Garden Shed

This is a rather small shed measuring 5 by 5 feet and more than 6 feet in height. It weighs about 400 pounds. This shed is meant for minimal storage for your garden tools, push mower, and other yard items. Your garage may have too much in it to store your gardening tools and landscaping tools, so this garden shed is perfect for storing your materials.

  • It’s small, yet practical for garden tool storage
  • It can store a push lawn mower
  • It’s convenient for small homes and yards
  • Reasonably priced at $775 + shipping
  • Easy and simple assembly

Hunting Deer Blinds

At Productive Cedar Products, we offer a diverse selection of durable wooden ground blinds that are designed to give hunters a leg up on their quarry. Browse our products online or give us a call at (989) 727-4902 today to learn more!

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