Deer Blind Dealer

This is what customers have said about our deerblinds.

” You can tell your company knows what it is doing when it comes to building a deerblind.  The Owner told me the deerblinds are built in metal jigs and everything would be straight and level when putting together.  He was right this is the best deerblind I every hunted out of.”

Melissa  P     Portland / Maine


” I own a large hunting camp and invite clients to come and hunt.  I saw your website and thought your deerblinds looked good, but I wanted to see for myself so I ordered one.  I set up and the next day I ordered 12 more.  My clients love them, and I will be ordering more.”

Patrick    Bradford / Pennsylvania

” I have been hunting for 20 years.  I started off sitting outside,  then I went to a canvas deerblind but when the weather got cold, rainy, and snow I still got wet.  I purchased one of your blinds last year and I will never hunt any other way.   Opening day I sat all day comfortable and got a 10 point Buck.  Thanks”

Ian Z     Washburn / North Dakota


” I was very happy with your deerblinds they are built of quality materials and everything fits together.  I followed the setup directions and set each section up and before I knew it the blinds was put together in about 30 to 40 minutes.”

Kory M Nashville / Tennessee


” I could not believe how sturdy these deerblinds are.  I have hunting buddies that I know once they see my blind they will be ordering some blinds from you.”

Jeff K    Heber springs / Arkansas


“When I called to place my order I had a few questions.  The sales person was able to answer them and knew the product extremely well because he used the product himself.  Which made me more confident that I was buying my deerblind from the right company that takes pride in their products.”

Mike S     Montrose /  Colorado


Check out how easy the deerblinds are to assemble,  Watch our online video on each deerblind page.