5×6 Two Person Seater Deer Blind


$1199.00 + Shipping

Dimensions: 5ft x 6ft x 6ft 2 inches tall
Assembled Weight: 600lbs

Angle roof has wood structure with a layer of 30lb tar felt, and it is covered by corrugated steel. For a longer lasting roof. The corrugated steel roof now comes standard on all our deer blinds.

This hunting deer blind is made to sit two people comfortably with its two front windows that are 9 ½ by 25 inches for each hunter. The two side windows are 9 ½ tall by 45 inches. The window in the doorwall is 9 ½ by 25 inches. A total of 5 hinged windows in this deer blind give you a clear view on all four sides. All four walls are built of ¾ inch rough sawed cedar boards. Deer blind comes in four fabricated sectional walls, floor, and roof panel. A hardware setup package is supplied on the doorwall. The blind interiors are lined with black 15lb tar felt. The deer blind has a hinged door which is 24 inches wide by 68 inches high located on the right hand side of the back wall. The deer blind frame is constructed of 2 inch by 2inch spruce lumber, providing a sturdy structure. The Floor has ¾ inch thick cedar boards nailed to a 2 inch by 2 inch frame. Floor, roof, and wall sections can be handled easily by two people because they weigh approximately 85lbs each. Total unit weight is approximately 600lbs. Our deer blind will keep you comfortable.