Cedar Slide Window Deer Blind


$925.00 + Shipping

Dimensions: 5ft x 5ft x 6ft 2 inches tall
Assembled Weight: 500lbs

Angle roof has wood structure with a layer of 30lb tar felt, and it is covered by corrugated steel. For a longer lasting roof. The corrugated steel roof now comes standard on all our deer blinds.

Most hunting blinds deer blinds are four walls and a roof, but at Productive Cedar Products, we know you prefer to hunt in style. Constructed from high-quality cedar boards, our Cedar Slide Window Deer Blinds have a naturally stylish finish that blends in with the surrounding hunting area.

Our hunting stands are more than simple hunting huts or shacks; they provide hunters with a usable, safe way to hunt. With three plexiglass sliding windows on the front and sidewalls, the Cedar Slide Window Deer Blind comes in six panels and is easy to construct. Cedar’s natural resins prevent rot and don’t attract insects, making it the perfect material to construct a long-lasting hunting box blinds from.

We ship the Cedar Slide Window Deer Blind directly to your home or business. Arriving by freight truck, it’s delivered on a pallet that’s easy to move and install wherever you do your hunting. Call Productive Cedar Products to place an order for your deer blind today!