Tips to Ensure Success in Your Hunting Blind

A good hunting blind is an indispensable tool for many hunters, particularly for those of us who don’t hunt in densely wooded areas that can accommodate a tree stand. Ground blinds provide hunters with a distinct leg up on their quarry, allowing them to see without being seen. Like any tool however, you’ve got to know how to use it for it to work effectively. In this entry, we’ll share a few tips to help our readers make the most of their ground blinds.

Be Scent Savvy

Deer might not be able to see you in your hunting blind, but if you’re not careful they’ll still be able to detect your scent. Be mindful of the orientation of your blind, and do your best to keep open windows upwind of deer.

Consider Your Weapon

Depending on whether you’re hunting with a rifle or a bow, you’ll have to modify your setup according to your choice of weapon. Hunting from a blind with a bow is typically more challenging as it requires you to be closer and better-concealed than you would with a rifle.

Select Your Site

Before you plop your blind down in a field, you’ll want to thoroughly scout the area in order to identify the areas with the most deer activity. Find natural features in the area that can conceal your blind, and bear in mind the position of the morning sun. The last thing you want is to be sighting straight into the sun when you hunt.

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