Snow Blind: Finding Success With Snow on the Ground

Whether you’re inside a hunting blind or not, a fresh snowfall can definitely make your hunt a lot more difficult. To make sure you don’t come out of the woods empty-handed, here are some tips on how to make your late-season hunt in the snow more successful.

Embrace the Elements

Don’t let the snow deter you from getting out there and nabbing your next trophy. Instead, use it to your advantage. Having your blind set up and ready to go means that you can head right out to your hunting spot as soon as there are flakes in the air and have a dry, protected space to sit watch. The snow fall can help to hide your scent and muffle the noise you might make heading to your blind, making it easier for you to get to your watch without startling or scaring off any deer in the area.

Follow the Tracks

Wondering if your blind is in a good place? Take a look around after a snowfall and look for signs of fresh tracks in the snow. While you can also do this without snow, looking after a new accumulation can help you spot new tracks. This is also an excellent way to spot buck trails, as they most often travel alone, unlike does, and can be harder to track by looking for signs in normal ground cover.

Look for Water or Forage

If you can’t find any tracks, take the time to look near bodies of water or natural foraging places. Deer will often travel to where the water or late-season forage can be found, especially once snow falls and makes it difficult to forage from the ground. Larger water features that haven’t frozen and fruiting plants like crabapple trees are popular deer hangouts. Having your blind set up with a view of these locations can give you a better chance at spotting your next buck.

Be Prepared

Much like any other hunt, it’s always important to be prepared, especially hunting in the snow. Choose your attire carefully and consider dressing in layers so that you can adjust throughout the day as temperatures rise or fall. You may also want to avoid jackets with Velcro, which can make a lot of noise, and opt instead for apparel with zippers only.

Along with having the right tools, you need to have a great blind to make your hunt a good one. Productive Cedar Products has great ground deer blinds that will keep you out of the elements while giving you a clear view to take your shot. For more information or to order a new blind for your property, call us at 989-727-4902 today!

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