Bowhunting from a Ground Blind

There are plenty of reasons to bowhunt from a ground blind. They allow you to easily choose an optimal spot from which to hunt. They take troublesome features of the local landscape out of the equation. For those of us who aren’t fond of heights, they offer a welcome alternative to sitting in a tree stand. If you haven’t had much experience bowhunting from a ground blind, however, it might take some getting used to. But don’t let that deter you. All it takes to be a successful bowhunter in a ground blind is a little preparation.

Consider Your Rig

Space will be limited in a ground blind, so it’s important to choose a compact bow that you’ll be able to draw in small spaces. If you don’t have one already, consider outfitting your bow with a short stabilizer when hunting from a ground blind. Also, bear in mind that the fiber optic sights on your bow rely on ambient light for illumination. There will be far less light in a ground blind than outside, so it might be worth picking up a supplementary rheostat light as well.

Choose the Right Blind

Ideally, your blind should be big so that you’re able to comfortably draw and aim your bow, but not so large that it becomes difficult to find a good spot for. A blind with plenty of headroom and visibility such as our cedar hinged window deer blind is a good choice for bowhunting.

Practice From a Seated Position

Chances are, you won’t be shooting from a standing position in a ground blind. It’s important for bowhunters who use ground blinds to practice shooting while seated. Being able to shoot from a kneeling position is another valuable skill to have. This allows you to rest comfortably while you’re not taking aim, and then easily rise to a shooting position when you spot your target.

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Ground Deer Blinds

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