Locating Your Blind: Placement Tips to Improve Your Hunt

When setting up your deer blind, you obviously want to place it in an optimal spot where you think you’ll have the best chance of spotting a prized buck. If you end up empty handed, however, it can be very frustrating. To make sure your next hunt is successful, check out these tips on how and where to set up your blind.

Open View or Hidden Away

When you set up your blind, don’t put it in a place where it is going to surprise deer or scare them away. Either put it in their sight or completely hide it. Deer tend to spook easily if they come across something unfamiliar unexpectedly. Outdoor Life recommends placing your blind out in an open place with at least 100 yards of open visual range for deer to grow comfortable if you don’t have good coverage on your desired grounds. Otherwise, if you opt to place it along the treeline or in brush coverage, make sure to camouflage your blind thoroughly using brush, branches or whatever is nearby to keep it from being spotted by any deer in the area.

Hunting from a Deer BlindPrepare Your Gear

When you head out to your blind, make sure that you’ve done everything you can to minimize noise. This includes taking out any items that you need from pouches or bags with Velcro or zippers and preparing any snacks or drinks in low-noise containers, like sliding zipper snack bags or using a refillable water bottle or Gatorade-type container for drinks. Deer Pros suggests this can help minimize any strange noises that might cue a sensitive deer’s ear into your location or the presence of something unexpected.

Minimized Movement

Last, it’s important to keep movements to a minimum even when you’re obscured inside the blind. Deer can be sensitive to strange movements in the woods, so try keeping yourself as still as possible just as if you were in an open stand. Using a swivel chair inside can help make your movements less noticeable and provide you with a comfortable place to stay seated while on watch, says Deer Pros. Just don’t forget to make sure that it’s well oiled so that moving your position doesn’t make a loud squeak and scare off that big buck!

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