New Two-Person Cedar Deer Blind a Great Option for Hunting Pairs

Hunting with a buddy can be a really great experience, but trying to share a deer blind with them can be quite cramped. There’s no need to worry about being cramped anymore, though, because Productive Cedar Products is launching a new two-seat deer blind that will make tight hunting quarters a thing of the past.

Deer Hunting Blinds Our new 5×6 two-person deer blind makes hunting easier, as well, with five windows that wrap around the entire structure. This allows you to have a nearly complete view of any game heading toward you, no matter what way you’re facing in the blind. Also, if it gets a little stuffy or if crosswinds pick up, the windows are hinged, allowing you to lift them up or down quietly to take your shot or control the flow of air.

The blind will also keep you protected from the elements as well. All four walls are made from 3/4-inch rough-sawed cedar boards, lined with 15-pound tar felt that also covers the floor. The roof is also sloped and covered with asphalt stone roofing. This means that no matter what Mother Nature might throw at you while out on the hunt, the roof of your blind will be able to withstand the conditions and weather any storm while giving you a protected vantage point to get clear shots while on the hunt.

Adding a two-person blind is a great way to enjoy a father-son hunt or to go out with friends or new hunters to help them learn how to hunt. Order yours today from Productive Cedar Products and be among the first to enjoy the convenience and comfort of this new, more spacious and accommodating deer blind.

Pricing for the new two-person blind is set at $875 plus shipping costs, and ships in six complete panel sections for quick and easy assembly. For more information or to order one for you and your hunting buddy, call Productive Cedar Products today at 989-727-4902!

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