What Should I Do with the Venison Meat After a Hunt?

Many hunters know what to do with the venison meat they get after killing a deer during the hunting season, but some beginners need to know all the ways they can use the meat after they’ve gotten the deer cleaned out and gutted for the meat. There are plenty of options and tips to get the most out of your kill. If you kill decent sized buck, you can have plenty of protein to feed you and your family for a year.

Celebrate with a Nice Dinner

Obviously, once you’ve gotten the meat back, you’ll want to celebrate the hunt with a nice dinner with friends and family. This is a great way to get right into the meat off the bat. There are plenty of ways you can prepare and cook the meat. When you take it to a place to get processed, you can ask for steaks, ground beef, jerky, etc. This will give you plenty of options for different venison recipes.

Freeze and Store the Venison Meat

Of course, you’re not going to eat all of the venison meat in one sitting, so you’ll want to freeze and store most of it because it will make for great meals during that year. Storing venison is one of the best things you can do to get the most out of your hunt.

Give Away to Friends & Family

If you don’t want to freeze and store all of your venison meat, you can give away some of the meat to friends and family for their enjoyment. Most people love getting venison meat to freeze on their own for meals. Whether you have steaks, jerky, ground beef, or burgers, your friends and family will enjoy all of it.

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