10 Quick Tips About Hunting

Getting out into the open air, tracking your elusive prey, and lying in wait while the perfect shot just seems to align itself…these are some of the precious moments to look forward to this season while you hunt in your deer hunting blind. Even an experienced professional can learn a thing or two as the years go on, because unique situations arise all the time. To help you and your fellow hunters this year, here are ten quick tips about hunting.


1)      Use scent-free soap. Your scent can spook a deer like nothing else, so when you hose yourself off, rinse up using scent-free soap. Even though you might not think you smell, your choice of soap might!

2)      Make a trail with doe estrous. It’s a great tool to use, so drag a rag soaked in doe estrous and make a trail leading up to your box blind.

3)      Tape up your barrel. By using electrical tape around the end of your barrel (for a muzzleloader) you can keep more moisture out.

4)      Practice putting up your hunting blind. It sounds simple, but if you’ve never sat in a particular spot, you might want to Deer blindspractice putting up and taking down your box hunting blind.

5)      Google Maps. It’s free and it provides great aerial shots of the area you’re scouting.

6)      Clear terrain during the summer. You don’t want to clear a firing lane too close to the season and disturb everything. Do that in the summer prior.

7)      Use tick repellent. You are so focused on the deer that you might forget these litter critters!

8)      Cover your entrance. Don’t assume that darkness will cover your way into the tree stand or blind. Use a stream or heavy foliage as a pathway.

9)      Wear a harness. A lot of injuries happen by falling out of a tree stand.

10)   Check for pawing in the snow. If you see leaves scattered or signs of pawing for mast, then it’s likely a good spot to set up this year.

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