Prepare for Next Season With Our Blinds Sale

Even though deer season may be winding down, it doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about next season. Whether it’s strategizing with a fellow hunter or purchasing a new gun, preparation often leads to a more successful hunt. Start preparing now for next year with new deer blinds.

Hunting BlindDeer blinds can provide numerous benefits when looking to bag your next trophy. During our hunting season blowout sale, you can save huge on buying two deer blinds at once. Whether you plan to use two blinds to help set up vantage points across a larger area of you and a fellow hunter want to take advantage of the sale to each get a new blind for your land, now’s the time to pull the trigger and save big on blinds.

Multiple blinds offer you more locations that you can set up and watch for the trophy buck you’ve been aiming for all season. Having two deer blinds also gives you more flexibility in terms of hunting spots. With a second location, you can easily move if you’ve had no luck waiting in one spot for a few days or if you want to move your second blind and leave it undisturbed while the native deer get used to its presence.

Blinds also offer a more comfortable and protected location for you to set up during hunting season. The fall can be cold, windy, rainy and snowy, and having a good blind can help keep you dry and protected from the elements during inclement weather. Plus, if you’re not worrying about staying warm, you will be less stressed and more vigilant when that trophy buck does come out of coverage.

At Productive Cedar Products, we specialize in ground deer blinds that will help you bag your next buck. Our blinds come ready to assemble and treated with natural resins that make them resistant to insects, weather and rot. For more information on our products or our current sale of deer blinds, call us today at 989-727-4902!

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