Tips for Tracking a Wounded Whitetail

You’ve been sitting in your hunting blind all day, and a big buck has crept into view. You’ve lined up your shot and hit your mark, but you didn’t take him down and now he’s on the move. In this entry, we’ll share some tips to help you track your wounded deer down. The first… Read more »

The Strange History of the Cattle Blind

The principle of the hunting blind is nothing new. Seemingly since time immemorial, savvy sportsmen have been using whatever materials they have on hand to conceal their presence from their prey. In a pinch, anything from a downed tree to a good sized boulder can function as a serviceable hunting blind. For a brief period… Read more »

2014 Michigan Hunting Seasons are Safest on Record

Good news, fellow sportsmen. The numbers are in, and the Michigan Department of National Resources has identified the 2014 hunting seasons as the safest to date. Last year, there were no hunting related fatalities reported in Michigan and only ten reported hunting incidents. The DNR credits the expansion of Michigan’s hunting education program with the… Read more »

History of Hunting and Conservation in North America

Teddy Roosevelt once said that “The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will.” This sentiment would soon become the cornerstone of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. At the turn of the 20th century, wildlife populations in North America were on the decline. Rampant habitat destruction and overexploitation had… Read more »

15 Myths About Deer

Ever hear the one about the deer your grandfather caught? I bet that deer gets bigger with every storytelling. Everyone has a big deer story, and hunters have their own version concerning their favorite pastime. Myths have tended to circulate about deer ever since the first group of hunters gathered around a fire. It’s just… Read more »

10 Quick Tips About Hunting

Getting out into the open air, tracking your elusive prey, and lying in wait while the perfect shot just seems to align itself…these are some of the precious moments to look forward to this season while you hunt in your deer hunting blind. Even an experienced professional can learn a thing or two as the… Read more »

Reasons Why A Hunting Blind Is Worth It

Hunting has changed, as we are adapting to the fact that animals are getting smarter about hunting tactics. So how do we continue to outsmart an animal? A more practical option over hiding in a tree is staying safe on the ground, disguising ourselves in a well-built hunting ground blind. Due to the definite need… Read more »


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